The August Wilson Education Project
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The August Wilson Education Project’s educator toolkits include a free, 37-page interactive guide, “Teaching August Wilson,” and a deck of cards, one for each play in Wilson’s Century Cycle, featuring extension activities for the classroom and beyond. If you haven’t placed an order, it’s not too late.

Education toolkit and posters
Interactive Teacher Guide
Educator Guide Inside/Outside Covers
Deck of Cards

The toolkit also contains a discussion guide for the upcoming documentary, August Wilson: The Ground On Which I Stand which premieres on PBS’s American Masters on February 20th at 9pm. Facilitate classroom and community conversations about the documentary and August Wilson’s life, work, and impact. 

Download the discussion guide

Finally, check out 'The Making of a Playwright,' an informative feature article about August Wilson in the latest Dramatics magazine, a publication of the Educational Theatre Association (ETA).  The ETA is a national non-profit organization serving 90,000 student and professional members.