The Algebra of a Bungee Jump | The Ignite Show
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Bungee jumping isn’t as scary as it seems, especially when you look at it from a mathematical perspective! In this set of educational resources, students will apply an Algebra I equation to the real-life experience of bungee jumping. Use the lesson to challenge them to design an egg bungee jump with rubber bands and a plastic bag – they will have to predict the number of rubber bands required for a 16 feet high bungee egg drop off their school stadium bleachers.

Next, students will collect data from a series of tests in the classroom, plot them out and create an algebraic equation of a line for success in the final egg drop challenge. The winning team will be the one whose egg drops the closest to the ground off the school stadium bleachers without breaking! Student teams will present the results of this challenge and discuss any experimental errors with the class. EXPLORE: