Plum Landing
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Greetings, Earthlings!

The adventure begins on Earth Day 2014, when a friendly alien named Plum lands at to launch PLUM LANDING—a digital project that uses animated webisodes, online games, free apps, hands-on science activities, and live-action videos to help connect 6- to 9-year-olds to nature and get them pumped up about their role as caretakers of the planet.

The adventure begins when a friendly alien named Plum lands here on April 17! You'll find animated videos, games, a free app, and some great hands-on science activities!

Watch for PLUM LANDING in a week of ARTHUR Earth Day episodes weekdays at 4:30pm starting April 21, 2014 on WMHT-TV.

Meet Plum!

PlumPlum is a video game designer from Planet Blorb. The friendly alien longs to experience nature so she commandeers a spaceship, zooms down to earth and launches five kids on exciting missions! Check her out!

Zeroing in on four ecosystems—the Australian desert, the mangroves of Belize, the Canadian Rockies, and the jungles of Borneo—Plum discovers many fascinating, puzzling and profound things about this gorgeous planet and uses what she learns to create fantastic explorer games for 6-to 9-year-olds.

Plum is Everywhere!

TELEVISION: Interstitials will air each day during ARTHUR's "Outdoor Week" (April 21-25).

WEBSITE: Visit to join Plum and her five earthling friends on an epic exploration of Planet Earth.

  • Webisodes, Live-action Videos, and Games help kids trek across deserts, plunge over waterfalls, climb mountains and jam through the jungle on mega-fun missions from Plum!
  • User-generated content encourages kids to share their observations of nature online and through mobile apps.
  • Hands-on science activities will help counteract nature-deficit disorder! Plum's activities teach kids about environmental science while connecting them with nature!

CLASSROOMS: A subset of Plum's activities will be accompanied by lesson plans. These will be distributed on PBS LearningMedia, targeting formal educators.

SOCIAL MEDIA: This friendly little alien has lots to say! Turn-key tips and messages for your use in engaging your audiences are coming your way soon.

Earth Day Celebration with Plum!

Download PLUM LANDING Earth Day Resources and Activites, including hands-on activites and PLUM LANDING coloring sheets.