NOVA Black Holes App Educator Guide
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Teach students about the life cycle of a star, different types of celestial objects and their properties, and where black holes come from! Download the free iPad game, "NOVA Black Holes'!

In “NOVA Black Holes,” players navigate the cosmos by hurling a star at various celestial objects. The game is set 4 billion years in the future when the black holes at the centers of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are colliding. This collision creates massive gravitational waves that send stars and planets flying in all directions. Players are given a star the size of our Sun and can control its trajectory and velocity.
In each level, the player’s task is to hurl this star at the target celestial object(s) by touching the star, pulling back on it, and adjusting a velocity vector before releasing it into space. The levels become more complicated as the game proceeds and the player must navigate increasingly challenging sets of orbital patterns and celestial objects. Teach your students all about the science behind black holes in a fun and engaging way!