Living with Sumatran Elephants | EARTH A New Wild
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Can you imagine having a hungry elephant living in your backyard? On the southeast Asian island of Sumatra, these two to five ton animals can be deadly, but they aren’t bloodthirsty animals; they are herbivores, and their food is the tropical rainforest.

In this video from the new PBS series “EARTH A New Wild,” students learn how both elephants and humans co-exist as ecosystem engineers on the island of Sumatra, with both requiring large territory in the forest. Co-existing has not always been easy in a rainforest with limited space and resources. Elephants play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy environment, but with humans now trying to build farms that border the forest, both species became at risk. Today, elephant trainers are beginning to work with the local animals to safely protect the forest for humans and animals alike. WATCH: