Homework Hotline Spring 2015
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Monday 1/19/15
Tonight we will be airing a special “Best of Homework Hotline” episode.  Tune in to see our teachers pick some of their favorite questions that we have done on air.
Dial-a-Teacher will be closed tonight and we will not be having a daily challenge.

Tuesday 1/20/15
Hosts: Carig Zaremba and Laura Drake
Last week we went to the Seneca Park Zoo to learn about the pied tamarin and tonight we head back to learn about the golden tamarin. In tonight’s Creature Teaser, we’ll test your knowledge about this carnivore that lives in warm water and is hunted by humans.

Wednesday 1/21/15
Hosts: Craig Zaremba and Donna Mineo
Homework Hotline has teamed up with the Golisano Foundation to promote inclusion for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. People living with disabilities haven’t always been welcomed and included in our society. In the past, many people with disabilities had been sent to live in institutions away from their families. In this week’s Move to Include we’ll travel to the Museum of disAbility History in Buffalo, New York to meet Maria. Maria will tell us about her experiences living in and out of various institutions.

Thursday 1/22/15
Hosts: Joe Zuniga and Ed Hathaway
It’s Thursday and Mr. Z is back with this week’s Science Challenge! We will also be finding out what Emma, Hayden, & Samantha think about the books they’ve read on this week’s Hotline Book Reviews. 

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