Hispanic Exploration in America
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Each year, September 15 to October 15 is designated as Hispanic Heritage Month. PBS LearningMedia has a range of digital resources you can use to teach your class about the histories and cultures of Hispanic Americans in recognition of this month-long celebration, including the story of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus and his ties to Spain.

Columbus’s explorations are well-known. In 1492, as he was sailing for Spain, he decided to take a westerly course across the Atlantic Ocean in search of an alternative route to the Indies. It was then when he inadvertently “discovered” a new continent. This set of primary resources from the Library of Congress provides a window into this time period, as well as a teacher's guide with historical context and teaching suggestions.

These materials can help your students evaluate the influence of Spanish explorers versus English, French and Portuguese. Students will also get to research the biographies of Hispanic explorers like Ponce de Leon, Hernando Cortes, Francisco Pizarro and Hernando Coronado. READ MORE: http://to.pbs.org/1uRnJQG