GET YOUR TECH ON with PBS LearningMedia
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Is access to digital technology as essential as oxygen in this day and age? Is it the teachers, or the technology, that make school improvement possible? Can technology transform failing schools? Today through November 30, PBS LearningMedia is helping you GET YOUR TECH ON by maximizing technology in your classroom.

More and more educators are tapping into the power of digital media and technology for teaching and learning. The variety of information resources available online is simply staggering. Watch “How Google Saved a School” from FRONTLINE’s Digital Nation and examine the hype and the hopes for improving education through technology. The video looks at how the introduction of laptops at I.S. 339 helped make a significant change in the culture of learning for both students and teachers. VIDEO:

So how do YOU “get your tech on” in the classroom? Share with us your stories, photos and video demonstrations of how you creatively and effectively use digital media in the classroom. It’s all part of our series of resources that address learning in the digital age at PBS LearningMedia, where for the next several weeks you can take part in professional development webinars, access how-to guides on building digital classrooms and enter to win weekly tablet giveaways. MORE: