Geneticist Pardis Sabeti
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Evolution and genetics once seemed worlds apart. While evolutionary biologists generally charted the paths that organisms had taken in the past, geneticists attempted to catalogue the present state of a species' genetic makeup, often with the aim of curing some human diseases in the future. By developing a system to analyze genetic information through an evolutionary lens, Harvard scientist Pardis Sabeti has helped to bridge the divide between these two scientific disciplines. Now she hopes that these new tools may one day help eliminate some of the world's deadliest diseases.

This video profile adapted from NOVA scienceNOW profiles Sabeti’s life and work. Your students learn how in 2006, she developed a method for analyzing the human genome in search of genes that may have arisen through natural selection. Her method is now widely used today among geneticists and evolutionary biologists to better understand how genetic traits have evolved. WATCH: