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Meet Malik Lewis, who teaches history at ACORN Community High School in Brooklyn, New York. If there was one thing he could change about the educational system in America, Lewis says it would be the way students are placed into one school as opposed to another based on geographic, socioeconomic and racial reasons.

“I think one of the best things about our public school system is that it is there to educate all children, and to create an American sense of consciousness about what it means to be a citizen and what it means to participate in this country,” he says. When schools are divided, it doesn’t allow students to experience diversity, he adds, because they are not only learning from their teachers, they are learning from their peers.

What would you change about the educational system if you had the opportunity? In this video collection from edtalk, you’ll see what else Lewis has to say about public education, teaching history, and professional development, as well as insights on education from his colleagues.

WATCH: http://to.pbs.org/1DvekAB