Digital Engineering: Planning the Leadenhall Building | Super Skyscrapers
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What can the “Cheesegrater” teach us about STEM and digital engineering? The “Cheesegrater,” also known as the Leadenhall Building, is actually a distinctive-looking skyscraper that opened in 2014 in London. Your class can learn a lot about innovations in the building design process from the making of this building, as seen in this clip from “Super Skyscrapers.”

As students will see, planners of the Leadenhall Building use a 3D computer model to support an innovative, “just in time” materials delivery system. Building in the heart of London comes with unique challenges, as old, narrow streets and a high building density means that there’s no room to store building components in the building’s footprint. To avoid a bottleneck in the “just in time” delivery system, Leadenhall’s engineers created a 3D computer model to virtually rehearse the build hundreds of times—a process known as “digital engineering.” WATCH: