Arthur | Shelter from the Storm
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As summer winds down and hurricane season begins, there's a storm brewing in Elwood City, and everyone's affected. The week of September 7-11, Arthur returns with four brand new episodes, including a special resilience-themed epsiode titled Shelter from the Storm.

As one of PBS Kids' oldest and most popular programs focused on social-emotional development, Arthur and the Arthur Family Health Website are trusted resources for kids, parents, and educators dealing with a range of issues, including resilience.

In this new Shelter from the Storm episode, premiering Sept. 8th, the residents of Elwood City experience a weather emergency. In the process, they learn how to cope with an upsetting event and move forward in a positive way.

This special episode of Arthur features a therapist character (Dr. Paula) voiced by star of stage and screen (Wicked, Frozen), Idina Menzel!

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