The Gefilte Fish Chronicles
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With 86-year-old twin sisters Peppy Barer and Rosie Groman narrating, THE GEFILTE FISH CHRONICLES tells the story of how a family embraces the Passover holiday: not only to celebrate a religious event, but to stay spiritually and physically connected through traditional meal preparations. Although this is a tale about one family, it crosses cultural and religious lines, to remind us of how many families develop rituals as they celebrate holidays. A celebration of spring and Jewish freedom, Passover brings the whole Dubroff family together. The holiday begins with the "Seder," a meal where the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt, a journey out of slavery, is recounted in prose, song, and prayer. The film opens six weeks before Passover with the making of a perfect horseradish, and concludes with sunny goodbyes following a matzoh brie breakfast the morning after the Seder. Family recipes that appear on screen during closing credits add an extra special touch to the program. THE GEFILTE FISH CHRONICLES is filled with joy and love, family films and photographs.