Rick Steves Europe Travel Skills
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For twenty years, travel writer Rick Steves has taken us along to his favorite destinations through his TV series, Rick Steves' Europe. Now, with the release of his new, three-part Travel Skills Special, Rick shares his most up-to-date tips on how to have a fun, affordable, culturally broadening trip to Europe.

In part one — while enjoying sights in Amsterdam, along the Rhine Valley, and in medieval Rothenburg — Rick shares tips for properly settling-in upon arrival, getting cash, using your guidebook, and zipping around by train or by car.

In part two — while traveling through Italy's Riviera, Siena and Venice — you'll learn how to pack light, plan a smooth itinerary, communicate with the locals, and avoid crowds and crime.

In part three — as we go from the Swiss Alps to Paris and London — Rick provides insights on choosing accommodations, eating well on a budget, staying healthy, and getting around in big cities.

Watching this lively, beautifully-filmed special, you'll hardly realize you're soaking up the information and inspiration it takes to turn your own travel dreams into smooth and affordable reality. Europe, here you come!