Anne of Green Gables
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Watch Thursday, November 26, 2015 starting at 10am on WMHT TV

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Precocious yet lovable Anne Shirley (Megan Follows) returns to public television for an encore presentation of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES I and II, a classic television series that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a young orphan girl navigating her way through life. Based on the 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, the story’s fairytale charm, emotional power and endless wit has made it a fixture in children’s libraries around the world for more than a century. The drama first premiered on public television in 1986 and garnered several prestigious awards, including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Program, nine Academy of Canadian Cinema and TV Gemini Awards, a Peabody Award, and TV Guide’s Most Popular Program.


Anne of Green Gables I – Ep. 1
When Anne Shirley arrives at the Cuthbert’s Farm on Prince Edward Island, called "Green Gables," she is a precocious, romantic child, desperate to be loved, and highly sensitive about her red hair and homely looks.

In her own unique, headstrong manner, Anne manages to insult the town matriarch, Rachel Lynde (Patricia Hamilton), in a dispute over her looks; smashes her slate over Gilbert Blythe’s (Jonathan Crombie) head – when he calls her “carrots” during her first day at school; and accidentally dyes her hair green in an effort to turn her red hair black and salvage her wounded pride.

Marilla Cuthbert is shocked and beside herself, not knowing how she will ever cope with this headstrong child who is so desperate to fit in. But shy, gentle Matthew is always there to defend Anne and hold her up on a pedestal.

Anne of Green Gables I – Ep. 2
It seems Anne is destined to cultivate disaster. She becomes “bosom” friends with Diana Barry (Schuyler Grant), but accidentally succeeds in getting Diana drunk by unknowingly serving currant wine instead of raspberry cordial at a tea party.

Diana’s mother (Rosemary Radcliffe) and the dour townsfolk turn on Marilla for making the wine in the first place and forbids her daughter to associate with Anne. From then on, Anne moves from one mishap to another as her wild imagination and far-fetched antics combine to constantly bring trouble upon her shoulders.

Anne of Green Gables I – Ep. 3
Anne finds her element in the academic world, ultimately competing neck and neck with Gilbert Blythe, who becomes her main opponent.

Anne and Gilbert go on to win the highest academic accolades, constantly vying for honors at every level. Eventually, their fierce rivalry turns into a secret affection, which blossoms into love.

Anne of Green Gables I – Ep. 4
Marilla tries to prevent Anne from seeing Gilbert because of an old war between the Cuthberts and the Blythes. In the end, however, when Matthew dies and Marilla is forced to sell Green Gables, Gilbert gives up a teaching post in the town so that Anne can stay at Green Gables and continue to support Marilla.


Anne of Green Gables II – Ep. 1
Now an attractive 18 year old and the teacher at Avonlea School, Anne has dutifully remained at Green Gables with Marilla Cuthbert. Her ambition to become a celebrated author is put aside, while she leads a quiet and simple life in Avonlea.

Gilbert Blythe, Anne’s old school rival has become her good friend and confidant. Gilbert is now 20 years old, about to enter medical school, and desperately in love with Anne. He tries in vain to convince her to marry him. However, as imaginative and romantic as ever, Anne dreams of someday meeting her ideal man. Gilbert she feels, is not that man.

Anne is disappointed and hurt when she learns that her once “bosom friend,” Diana Barry, has decided to marry chubby, unromantic Fred Wright. She laments, “Why does everyone have to grow up and marry and change?” Anne sadly realizes that things will never be the same once Diana marries.

When the opportunity arises to teach at an exclusive private girls’ school in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, Marilla persuades Anne to take the job and follow her dreams. As her desire to see and do more with her life clouds her changing relationship with her friends Gilbert Blythe and Diana Barry, Anne is convinced she must leave. She does so without ever reconciling with Gilbert.

Season 2 – Ep. 2
Anne may now be all grown up, but she still has a knack for finding trouble, and her misadventures follow her to Kingsport where she learns that the town aristocrats, The Pringles, are completely opposed to her. On the first day of school she manages to insult the school principal, Miss Brooke; she mistakenly orders a bag of firecrackers thrown into the fire; and attempts a bicycle rescue by crashing through the roof of a locked tool shed.

Her students, most of them Pringle girls, make every effort to disrupt Anne’s classes. Anne, however, perseveres and finds an ally in one of her students, Emmeline Harris.

Anne becomes intrinsically involved with the entire Harris clan including Emmeline’s invalid grandmother Mrs. Harris, and with her handsome widowed father Morgan Harris. Through the course of the school year Anne succeeds in winning over the Kingsport establishment as well as gaining the respect of her students and the friendship of Miss Brooke.

Homesick for Green Gables and Marilla, Anne returns to Prince Edward Island when summer arrives. Gilbert Blythe has also returned; but he has scarlet fever and is deathly ill. Gilbert’s sudden illness forces Anne to re-evaluate her true feelings for him.

Over the summer Gilbert slowly recovers from his illness. He comes to Anne once more and this time she accepts him as her own and gives her heart completely.