"You're Under Arrest"
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The police just showed up at your door to arrest you. You may or may not know why they are there. What should you do next?

Troy attorney Joseph Ahearn is helping the #citizenactive blog with some basic legal questions. We started with traffic stops. Today; the exact words you need to know if you find yourself facing arrest.

As Joe mentioned earlier, police are allowed to lie to you during their investigation. They are trying to solve a case and hoping you will incriminate yourself.

There are limits to the lies. Some of those limits were set by the New York State Court of Appeals in amurder case from Troy.

There are also instances where police do not have to read you your Miranda rights. That’s something I did not know before this interview.

Hopefully, these last two posts have provided some useful information about interactions with police. They are not intended to be a comprehensive legal guide. I’m not smart enough to ask all the questions you may have. You should consult an attorney for answers to your specific questions.

In the next post, I’m going to give Joe a chance to defend his profession. We’ll ask him why a lawyer would agree to represent a reprehensible ne’er-do-well who is so obviously guilty.