Yes, You Can Go In There
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New York's Open Meetings Law gives everyone the right to know in advance when public meetings are to be held, to participate in those meetings and to examine relevant documents before decisions are made.

This powerful tool is a companion to the Freedom of Information Law, or  FOIL, and the Personal Privacy Protection Law.

New York’s Committee on Open Government oversees these laws, writing advisory legal opinions and helping anyone who needs assistance to use the laws to access information.

Robert Freeman is the committee's Executive Director. In this #citizenactive post, he explains how and why the law gives you the right to know what your government is doing.

While there are laws that protect your privacy, you give up some of that privacy when taxpayers pay your salary. From the highest elected official to the lowest paid municipal employee, people have a right to know what public employees make, when they come to work and if they're qualified to hold their jobs.

Tomorrow, we will look at what these laws mean to local government and why open government, as a concept, has gone international.