Perils of the Early Republic
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We, the people of the United States of America, are very lucky to have the country we have today. That does not mean our government could not, or should not, be improved. It just means that our current form of government was in a very precarious state as the country was founded. 

You think we have troubles today? The early Republic was fraught with potential pitfalls and dangerous decisions. We were a tiny population, isolated by an ocean from the rest of the world. Our sitting Vice-President shot and killed the former Secretary of the Treasury!

As part of the #citizenactive project, I spoke with Ron Seyb of Skidmore College about building a nation.

As Ron mentioned, one of the Founders great fears was faction. Today, we call them political parties. Back then, James Madison thought they were the greatest threat to the early United States of America.

I asked Ron what the Founding Fathers would think of the country if they could come back today. Some of what he had to say surprised me. I'll share that here tomorrow.

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