"I Had to Try Something Else"
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Police Chief Peter Volkmann knew what he was doing wasn’t working. He knew he had to try something new, but didn’t know what that was until he discoveredPAARI – the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative. He started his own program called, “Chatham Cares 4 U” or just CC4U. The idea came from police inGloucester, MA and it’s spreading around the country.

Patient #200 did come in. At last count, they were up to 208 people coming through the CC4U program. It doesn't always take the first time. Here, Chief Volkmann tells us how it works and what they've learned along the way.

Chief Volkmann mentioned being in recovery. We will have more of his personal story here tomorrow.

All week long, the #citizenactive blog will be looking at how our government institutions are dealing with New York’s Opioid Crisis. We’re working with public broadcasters around the state in cooperation with New York’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. They want to help you Combat Addiction.