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As discussed in an earlier#citizenactive post, we have laws in this country to regulate people's behavior. For the most part, they are for the protection of other people.

This week, the #citizenactive blog is offering some advice and insight into the legal system with the help of Troy attorney Joseph Ahearn. We’ll start with a basic traffic stop.

Now, what if the officer wants you to take a Breathalyzer test? Refusing to do so will result in at least a one year suspension of your New York driver’s license. There are some legal reasons why you may still choose that drastic option. Joe gets some late night phone calls on the subject.

Most people can handle a simple traffic ticket without legal assistance. You get your ticket, you pay your fine, life goes on. But when do you need to hire an attorney?

So your attorney can help you deal with the police, but what if they come to your house to arrest you? We’ll look at that in the next post. We will also examine something else Joe mentioned. The police are allowed to lie to you.