"Environmental Racism"
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This #citizenactive post is a punch in the gut to anyone who denies the existence of white privilege. Arbor Hill didn’t get what other places got. The people there did manage to shut down the ANSWERS plant, but they did it while fighting an uphill battle against environmental racism. What follows is Part Three of this story. It’s 14 minutes of unedited Aaron Mair. I’m not sure how he was able to get this story out with barely a breath between sentences. I can overlook the indecision between the words, “thread” and “string.” What I can’t do is get this interview out of my head.


Here's more on the  sewage treatment plant in Harlem that Aaron Mair mentioned. He served as president of the Sierra Club from May 2015-May 2017. You can also read about him on Wikipedia.

There is a newstate plan to reopen the old garbage burning plant; fueled this time by natural gas. There is opposition to the plan, as reported by Politico.

October 12th is the deadline to register to vote in New York. Next week, we will be reminding you of that while also learning about a new educational tool created by the League of Women Voters of New York State.