Culture of Openness
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They can't kick you out of an open meeting.

They have to give you government records when you ask.

And you can see for yourself which ones are worth keeeping in office.

There are laws that require a level of openness in government. And there's a guy at the helm of New York’s Committee on Open Government who will help you navigate the waters of  FOIL, the Open Meetings Law and the Personal Privacy Protection Law.

In this #citizenactive post, Robert Freeman tells us why these laws matter so much when dealing with your local government.

As we heard earlier this week, government openness has gone international. It's not necessarily because governments want to be open. They have to be open to compete in the world economy.

The Freedom of Information Law was used to uncover information on environmental issues like the Hoosick Falls Water Crisis, the Hudson River Cleanup  and even as far back as Love Canal.

Next week, we will meet a man who used FOIL as one tool to take on the state and shut down a garbage burning plant that was making his friends and family sick.