Waiting for God
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Feeling old? You will after a visit to the Bayview Retirement Village. The food's appalling, the staff treats you like incontinent children and any show of independence is strictly frowned upon. But wait until you meet two elderly eccentrics who aren't prepared to give in or grow old gracefully...

Graham Crowden and Stephanie Cole star as the rebel inmates in this wry and very funny look at how people treat the elderly. It's set in the Bayview Retirement Village, a purpose-built complex where each chalet has a pleasant view of the immaculate gardens and supposedly a haven where the genteel residents can mark time before going to meet their Maker.

The newest arrival, an agiing Walter Mitty type called Tom, doesn't quite fit the mold. Tom's fed up with his family. For his daughter-in-Iaw, Marion, who is eager to be rid of him, Bayview seems to be an ideal solution. Soon, he's disrupting the peace and quiet of the other residents and causing headaches for Harvey and Jane, who run the home. After performing his impressions of Tom Jones, emus and other assorted birds, Tom stages a hunger strike until there's a distinct improvement in the food. His neighbor, Diana Trent, a sharp-tongued spinster who did exactly as she pleased until 'arthritis and penury' turned the tables on her, shows no interest in the latest addition to the home.

But as they find themselves thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, Tom and Diana strike up an uneasy alliance that portends many an adventure.

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