As Time Goes By
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In the early '50s, a young army officer and a student nurse fell in love. Four decades later, they meet again by accident. Just a wrinklies' reunion or will romance be rekindled?

Judi Dench is Jean, a hardworking widow who runs a secretarial agency with her beautiful, twice-divorced daughter, Judith (Moira Brooker). Geoffrey Palmer is Lionel, a divorced ex-army officer and coffee-planter, who has returned to write his autobiography entitled "My Life in Kenya". When Lionel becomes displeased with the temporary secretary from the agency, Judith tries to placate him and makes such a good impression that he invites her out to dinner.

Inevitably, Lionel and Jean meet, with the strangest feeling they have met before. As it turns out, they enjoyed a magical but brief affair before he was posted to Korea. His letter went astray, and she never saw him again, until now. Judith is a romantic and takes an immediate interest in their precarious relationship--but a few obstacles stand in the way. Alistair, Lionel's trendy young publisher, takes quite a fancy to Jean, and Lionel is not without his own admirers.

Episodes of Season 7

Episode 1 | Saturday, January 9 at 8pm
Jean suspects that Lionel is going deaf. But despite the fact that he clearly can't hear very much, Lionel resists going to a doctor. Meanwhile, he becomes convinced that Jean is having problems with her eyes and sets about solving this dilemma.

Episode 2 | Saturday, January 16 at 8pm
Jean and Lionel take a parental interest in Harry, Sandy's policeman boyfriend.Yet, the affairs of the younger generation seem to diminish in importance when Jean receives a phone message from an old flame.

Episode 3 | Saturday, January 23 at 8pm
Jean undertakes some strategic snooping to discover what the new neighbors are like. How is it they show up at the pub with black eyes after fighting with one another?

Episode 4 | Saturday, January 30 at 8pm
The whole gang, minus Harry who is stuck on duty for protest coverage, head out to the country for the weekend. But road construction is about to throw the travelers for a loop.

Episode 5 | Saturday, February 6 at 8pm
Jean's brother, Steven and his wife are expected for another visit. As they are considered a rather dull couple by the Hardcastles, it is most surprising that they arrive via separate modes of transportation to announce that they are having a tiff.

Episode 6 | Saturday, February 13 at 8pm
Jean gets the whole gang, including Lionel's father, Rocky, and his stepmother to help out with her old-age party at the church hall. Lionel is the last to agree and is anxious about the whole idea, especially after being told to watch out for Mrs.Thrupp.

Episode 7 | Saturday, February 20 at 8pm
The Duncans abruptly vacate the dwelling next door and Judith has the wonderful idea of her and Alistair taking up residence there. Lionel has his reservations, but they are nothing compared to the reservations Judith has when Alistair proposes marriage for an odd reason.