Tiger - Spy In The Jungle
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Watch Sunday, September 6, 2015 from 10am-1pm on WMHT TV

This revealing program follows the different stages of a tiger’s life from playful cub, to learning adolescent and ultimately to young hunting adult. It also provides a unique insight into how the relationship with the other jungle animals changes as they mature. The elephant camera assistants access the most remote jungle hideaways, in search of these elusive subjects. Amazingly, due to their remarkable intelligence and sensitivity, the elephants can carry the cameras on the their tusks and trunks. Using these Tuskcams and Trunkcams the elephants can film the tigers wherever they go, even on the move.

By following the tiger, the camera-carrying elephants uncover a wildlife world every bit as rich as that of Africa, encountering sloth bears – a rarely filmed bear with a unique character, famous for carrying its comical babies on its back – and leopards, the tiger’s major competitor. The documentary also brings to light the extraordinary red dogs. These fearsome creatures race through the jungle in huge packs, striking fear into anything in their path. This is a world that has rarely been seen before.
The elephant camera crew reveal the incredible story of four cubs growing up in this previously unseen world. They follow the cubs’ adventures from just three weeks old until they become efficient adult hunters. Tigers – Spy in the Jungle is a story filled with drama and humour – the most intimate portrayal of tigers ever captured.

Episode One
For the first time, our cameras film tiger cubs just a few days old as they tumble from a den and are returned, cradled in their mother’s huge jaws. As they grow into engaging, playful young cubs, many of the other jungle creatures are revealed. At this vulnerable young age they are prey for almost anything but this is also when life is at its most idyllic.

Episode Two
The cubs are now half grown, still playful and enchanting. But this is also a time for learning the hunting and fighting skills they will need as adults. We also see how some of the other jungle creatures, born at the same time, are progressing. We will also meet many other jungle characters.

Episode Three
Now young adults, they are starting to become independent. As they learn to be King of the Jungle, the animal characters introduced in earlier programmes have to learn to survive their early attempts at hunting.