Miss Marple
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Classic murder mysteries by the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, filmed entirely on location, oozing period atmosphere and featuring award-winning actress Joan Hickson, the most popular Miss Marple ever.




4.50 From Paddington | Sunday, January 15 at noon

When Mrs McGillicuddy witnesses a murder on a passing train, the absence of a body leads no-one to believe her. Except Miss Marple.


A Caribbean Mystery | TBA

Filmed in Barbados, where Miss Marple is finding her luxurious holiday very dull – until Major Palgrave is found dead in his hotel bed. Co-starring Donald Pleasence, Sue Lloyd, TP McKenna, Frank Middlemass and Sophie Ward.


The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side | TBA

When a woman is poisoned at the village fete at Gossington Hall, the police deduce the intended victim was film star Marina Gregg.Then another woman is murdered. Can Miss Marple succeed where the police have failed?


The Moving Finger | Part 1: TBA & Part 2: TBA

A nasty case of poison-pen letters brings Miss Marple to the East Anglian village of Lymston.