Miss Marple | The Moving Finger
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© BBC, 1985

Episode 1
Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 2pm

Gerry Burton, accompanied by his sister Joanna, is convalescing in Lymston after an air accident. Shortly after their arrival he receives a poison-pen letter. He learns from Owen Griffith, the local doctor, that there have been a number of them in the village.The epidemic prompts Maud Calthrop, the vicar’s wife, to enlist the help of her old friend, Jane Marple, who comes to stay in the village to investigate.

Nothing escapes Miss Marple’s sharp eyes: Joanna’s budding relationship with Owen, Gerry’s with Megan (the ungainly, gamine daughter of Mr Symmington, the local solicitor) and the fact that beneath the tranquil exterior of the village community lurk some very sad, embittered people.

Then Mr Symmington’s wife is found dead. By her bedside are a poison-pen letter and a suicide note – but Miss Marple is convinced that this was murder, not suicide.

Episode 2
Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 3pm

The verdict of the inquest on Mrs Symmington is suicide.A police investigation is underway when the village, already in a state of shock, is thrown into further turmoil at a second death. Megan finds the battered body of the Symmington’s maid, Beatrice, in a cupboard under the stairs.

As the poison-pen letters continue, Miss Marple is trying to discover the link between them and the murder of Mrs Symmington. Meanwhile, Dr Griffith’s sister, Eryl is seen typing a letter to the Symmington’s beautiful children’s nanny, Elsie Holland. It is known that Eryl has long been in love with Symmington. Convinced she is the poison-pen writer, the police close in. She is arrested and charged with murder.

Miss Marple is sure they have the wrong person. A little subterfuge is needed to catch the real killer.With Megan and Gerry’s help, she lays a trap for the solicitor…