Miss Marple: The Body in the Library
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Watch Thursdays, June 25 - July 9, 2015 at 8pm on WMHT TV.

St Mary Mead, a village nestling in the far-flung reaches of the Home Counties, sometime in the late 1940s. Who is the mystery blonde lying strangled in the library of Gossington Hall? Fortunately for the Bantrys, Miss Marple is their neighbour.

Episode 1 | Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 8pm
Just outside St Mary Mead stands Gossington Hall, home of Colonel and Dolly Bantry. One morning, Mary the maid discovers a dead body in the library – a young, peroxide blonde lying on the hearth rug. She has been strangled. Mrs Bantry turns to her friend and neighbour, Jane Marple, for help. Also there to view the evidence is the local policeman, Lake; the Chief Constable (also a close neighbour), Colonel Melchett; and the relentless Inspector Slack.A remark from Miss Marple suggests that Basil Blake, a flamboyant young man in the village who works in the film industry, might be worth investigating. Otherwise the finger of suspicion points to Colonel Bantry himself, particularly when it transpires that the murder victim had been working as a dance hostess at the Majestic Hotel in the nearby seaside resort of Danemouth – and that Colonel Bantry had dined there the previous week. The focus of the investigation shifts to the Majestic. Mrs Bantry and Miss Marple decide to take a suite there to do some sleuthing of their own and establish Colonel Bantry’s innocence. Miss Marple senses an additional catastrophe is imminent.

Episode 2 | Thursday, July 2, 2015 at 8pm
At the Majestic, the investigation concentrates on those who had been particularly connected with the murder victim, Ruby Keene. Ruby’s cousin, Josie, had been working there. Conway Jefferson, an elderly, rich tycoon, had proposed to adopt Ruby and settle his estate upon her.This makes his family (or rather his family-in-law, as his blood relatives were killed in a plane accident some years ago) prime suspects. But Mark Gaskell and Adelaide Jefferson’s alibis are watertight. Meanwhile, a second body has been found by Malcolm, the village simpleton. It is 16-year-old schoolgirl, Pamela Reeve. Miss Marple is convinced that the two murders are connected. She is joined by Sir Henry Clithering, former Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard, who is also unofficially trying to unravel the mystery. As each suspect is weighed in turn, suddenly hard evidence emerges that puts the spotlight firmly back on Miss Marple’s first intuitive guess – Basil Blake.

Episode 3 | Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 8pm
Miss Marple is convinced that the death of the schoolgirl, Pamela Reeve, holds the key to the mystery of the double murders. Jefferson, Mark, even Adelaide, demonstrate possible motives for killing Ruby, but the police finally arrest Basil Blake. Miss Marple, however, decides to question Pamela’s schoolfriend, which leads her to draw an entirely different conclusion. After a train journey to London, she comes back with evidence that allows the police to stage a trap for the real killer.