Death in Paradise | Season 2
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DI Richard Poole is still trapped on the small Caribbean island of Saint-Marie where the sun, sea and sand continue to irritate, just as he irritates his long-suffering colleagues. Always most at home when he’s at work, Richard’s eye for detail and his incisive mind remain as sharp as ever – and the brilliantly instinctive DS Camille Bordey is able to fill in the blanks whenever the vagaries of human behaviour baffle her Inspector. 

Whilst their opposing left brain/right brain approach to life can – and frequently does – cause personal conflict between Richard and Camille, it’s also what makes them a crime-fighting force to be reckoned with – a force that is challenged by some intriguing and enigmatic murders over a new series of mind boggling mysteries. 

With the often unorthodox, but vital assistance of Dwayne and Fidel, they tackle an array of unique murders, from ancient pirate curses, voodoo festivals to murdered nuns. Richard also faces his first tropical
hurricane, (one with a name!). And in true British style, a cup of tea is the key to a suspicious suicide. 

Sainte-Marie is certainly an island to keep Richard and his team on their feet, and viewers guessing at every twist and turn.

Episode 1
DI Poole’s learning to cope with the tropical climate and laid-back atmosphere of Sainte-Marie, but every day still presents a challenge for the traditional detective. When the owner of a former sugar plantation, Roger Seymour, is discovered with a machete in his back, Poole and his team have a seemingly impossible case to solve.

Episode 2
When a young nun is found dead in her smoke-filled bedroom, DI Richard Poole and his team are soon on the scene. What seems like a tragic accident caused by a lit cigarette soon turns into a murder investigation when Richard deduces that the nun didn’t smoke the cigarette that killed her. But with her room locked from the inside, how could anyone else from the convent have committed the crime?

Episode 3
A body found floating in the pool of a luxury cosmetic clinic presents a complex case for DI Poole’s team. Everything points to suicide – the victim was going through a difficult divorce and the team find an empty pill bottle in her room. But Richard is not content with this hypothesis. How could the victim have drowned herself? And why would she make a cup of the world’s most expensive tea yet only drink half of it? There is only one conclusion – Valerie Dupree was murdered.

Episode 4
DI Poole and the team are plunged into a mysterious plot of pirates and ancient myth when a treasure hunter is shot dead in the jungle. On the island to track down the fabled buried treasure of the legendary pirate, Le Clerc, the seemingly harmless group of treasure hunters are shocked when geologist, Dr Ian Parks, is brutally killed in leader, Daniel Morgan’s, tent.

Episode 5
Camille is devastated when her best friend, Aimee (played by Jamelia), a singer on a Caribbean party boat, collapses while on stage during a night of music and cocktails. Struggling to breathe, Aimee shockingly dies in Camille’s arms. It seems she has been poisoned.

Episode 6
When an English tourist is found dead in her luxury villa, strangled by her own scarf, the crime scene initially indicates a robbery gone wrong. However, shrewd Richard notes that the situation is eerily similar to a case he heard about back in London. (14)

Episode 7
As Hurricane Irma approaches Saint Marie, the islanders are battening down the hatches. However, while everyone else is taking cover, the team are called to the murder scene of a young meteorologist, Leo Downs.

Episode 8
When a shot is fired at a charity fundraiser, host Malcolm Powell is found dead in his study. Malcolm’s PA, Vicky is certain she knows who the culprit is – a mystery man named Jack Roberts who had an appointment with Malcolm and was seen arriving and then fleeing the scene of the crime. However, when Richard and his team pursue the suspect, they find his abandoned car nearby with no clues as to his whereabouts or motive for killing Malcolm.