Variety Studio | Actors on Actors Season 3
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Watch Sundays at 12pm through January 31, 2016 on WMHT TV

Variety and PBS SoCaL take you inside the biggest Hollywood films of the year through candid conversations with today’s most acclaimed actors. Hosted by Variety’s Features Editor Jenelle Riley, each episode of the third season brings together movie actors engaging in intimate one-on-one discussions about their craft and work.

Episode 1 | Sunday, January 17 at 12pm
Exclusive conversations between some of the most exciting actors working today. Featuring Cate Blanchett (Carol/Truth) with Ian McKellen (Mr. Holmes), Will Smith (Concussion) with Benicio Del Toro (Sicario), Brie Larson (Room) with Joel Edgerton (Black Mass), Samuel L. Jackson (The Hateful Eight) with Michael Keaton (Spotlight).

Episode 2 | Sunday, January 24 at 12pm
An intimate conversation between some of the greatest actors working today. Featuring Kate Winslet (Jobs) with Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn), Carey Mulligan (Suffragette) with Elizabeth Banks (Love & Mercy), Steve Carell (The Big Short) with Rooney Mara (Carol), Bryan Cranston (Trumbo) with Jason Segel (The End of the Tour).

Episode 3 | Sunday, January 31 at 12pm
The actors responsible for the most exciting performances of the year talk about their work—and more. Featuring Seth Rogen (Jobs) with Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight), Amy Schumer (Trainwreck) with Lily Tomlin (Grandma), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Walk) with Paul Dano (Love & Mercy), Isabella Rossellini (Joy) with Charlotte Rampling (45 Years).