Tom Lehrer: Live in Oslo 1967
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Tom Lehrer: Live in Oslo 1967

Watch Friday, October 18, 2013 at 10:30pm on WMHT TV

An expert at inserting pure realism in popular song, Tom Lehrer, Harvard math professor by day and singer/comedian by night, is considered "the greatest satirist who ever lived" by fellow satirist Mark Russell. In TOM LEHRER: LIVE IN OSLO 1967 lovers of song and satire can enjoy a rare performance by the lauded, yet elusive performer.

Despite an aversion to the press and relatively few recordings, Lehrer became a star for "recording vicious, twisted parodies of popular musical trends which proved highly influential on the "sick comedy" revolution of the '60s," according to In TOM LEHRER: LIVE IN OSLO 1967, the spirited Lehrer fearlessly touched on issues of race and classism in "National Brotherhood week," drew laughter from the crowd with the love song "When You Are Old and Gray," and sang of a delightful and mildly frightening "American past time" in "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park."

Even though his popularity soared, Lehrer stopped his show-business career in the late 1960s, returning to full-time mathematics education and refusing to ever perform in public again.

Recordings of his concerts are very rare, making the new special TOM LEHRER: LIVE IN OSLO 1967 a treasure for any fan.