Paul Byrom: This is the Moment
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Paul Byrom: This is the Moment

Watch special holiday edition Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 7:30pm on WMHT TV

The dashing and dapper Irish tenor Paul Byrom brings his impressive vocal stylings to public television in the new music special PAUL BYROM ­– THIS IS THE MOMENT. The program features a collection of stunning pop ballads, Broadway hits and Irish classics. This former star of the Irish music phenomenon Celtic Thunder shines on stage as a solo artist, showcasing his charming personality, Irish wit, a penchant for storytelling, and a remarkable voice with the power to enthrall and move audiences.

Recorded live at the State Theatre Center for the Arts in Easton, Penn., Byrom takes to the stage alongside the Phil Coulter orchestra and opens the show with a moving number sure to please the Irish in the audience. Singing of green Irish fields, and fences made of stone, Byrom's powerful and inspirational rendition of the anthemic "Ireland" paints a touching portrait of men in battle and their longing for home. 

From there he delves into the American songbook with a moving rendition of “Shenandoah,” perhaps one of America's most recognizable folk tunes, and  adds a bit of fun with the classic Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. number, “Me and My Shadow,” sung with the young and talented Irish singer Damian McGintey (Glee, Celtic Thunder).

And of course, THIS IS THE MOMENT also offers up a healthy dose of Irish classics.  Byrom's rousing rendition of “My Land” brings the crowd to their feet, while “Danny Boy,”ever a crowd pleaser, brings smiles to young and old alike. 

But it is when Byrom takes on such powerful and delicate songs as "Nella Fantasia," "This Is the Moment," "Bring Him Home" (Les Miserables), "Scorn Not the Child" and “Remember Me” that his voice is at its best, showcasing his classical training, and penetrating hearts.

In these moments, Byrom's voice effortlessly draws in an audience, and takes them on an emotional journey through the story of the song. 

For the tenor, PAUL BYROM – THIS IS THE MOMENT, his first solo TV program, is a dream come true. "It really is something that … I dreamed about it since I was a very young boy. I remember seeing my very first public television show – it was The Irish Tenors … and I remember looking at it and going 'I can do that.' So I decided I wanted to," says Byrom.

Recently named 2012's "Best Irish Tenor" at the annual Irish Music Awards, Byron's 2011 album, "This Is the Moment," also debuted at No.1 on the World Billboard Chart. His talent as a tenor has taken him far and wide, and some of the many highlights of his career to date include performing for many dignitaries such as President Barack Obama. Byrom frequently performs the United States "National Anthem" for professional sporting events and is regularly requested to sing the "Anthem" for the Boston Celtics home games.


“Happy Heart”
“Me and My Shadow” (with Damian McGintey)

“Nella Fantasia”
“Rio Seranade”
“Scorn Not His Simplicity” (written by Phil Coulter at piano)
“This is the Moment”

“Bring Him Home” (Les Miserables)
“My Land”
"Danny Boy”
“All Be Myself” (sung in Italian)
“Remember Me”