Jesse Cook: Live at the Bathurst Street Theatre
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Jesse Cook

Watch Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 10pm & Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 9pm on WMHT TV.

Follow Jesse Cook on a musical journey that takes you around the world and back in his new television special, Jesse Cook, Live at the Bathurst Street Theatre.  His evocative music will transport you from Spain to Morocco, from France to Columbia and from Africa back home again with more stops in between.  Amidst these signature works that explore culture and our fascinating reactions to it, Jesse paces this elegant show with poignant and lyrical works that highlight the diverse strengths of a band that has long been dedicated to Cook’s artistic vision.  And among these fluid and transcendent moments, come compositions that drive the artists and audience to dizzying heights with forceful, percussive works that demand a visceral response where sometimes the unexpected happens.  A few soulful vocals and a rousing finale rounds off the show with the audience literally on their feet singing along, backed by a stage filled to overflowing with Cook’s band, featured guests and an all female drumming ensemble.  Adventurous and epic in the vein of Riverdance, let this musical exploration enlighten, engage and inspire you.

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