Inside Mercy Street
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Watch Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 11pm on WMHT TV


INSIDE MERCY STREET takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the new PBS drama about Americans on the home front during the Civil War. Donna Murphy – who stars in MERCY STREET as Jane Green, the quintessential Southern matriarch – guides viewers through clips from the first season of the series, interviews with the creative team, and captivating footage showcasing the compelling themes of this powerful new drama.

Set in Virginia in the spring of 1862, MERCY STREET follows the lives of two volunteer nurses on opposite sides of the conflict. The series, which premiered in January 2016, has been enthusiastically received by audiences across the country.

“It has been a pleasure to launch this new series on PBS and so gratifying that millions of viewers have responded so positively,” said Beth Hoppe, Chief Programming Executive and General Manager, General Audience Programming, PBS. “INSIDE MERCY STREET provides a unique perspective behind the creation of this series, which has been a labor of love for everyone involved.”

“MERCY STREET is a remarkable story that portrays perhaps the most challenging time in our nation’s history,” said Executive Producer Lisa Q. Wolfinger. “Our diverse and colorful cast of characters – Union doctors, female volunteers, nurses, contraband laborers and Southern loyalists – bring to life the chaotic world of Union-occupied Alexandria, Virginia, and the Mansion House Hospital.”

INSIDE MERCY STREET focuses on the harsh realities of life in Alexandria during the occupation, and provides insight into slavery, the life of a Civil War soldier and the role of spies, and how women’s roles and self-identity changed almost overnight with the start of the war.