The Bee Gees: One Night Only
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Watch Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 9pm on WMHT TV

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The Bee Gees are one of the best-selling music groups of all time, with hits spanning multiple decades and genres of music.  The new American Public Television-distributed program THE BEE GEES: ONE NIGHT ONLY, filmed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on November 14, 1997, is a veritable musical journey through the Bee Gees’ illustrious career.

Complete with extravagant lighting, an appearance by Olivia Newton-John, and candid moments that can only be captured by the camera, THE BEE GEES: ONE NIGHT ONLY features the essence of the Bee Gees’ - their famous three-part harmonies, falsetto, and vibrato. This program also imparts a palpable sense of the audience adoration and charisma that has earned the Bee Gees’ international staying power, more than 220 million records and singles sold, and countless Billboard Hot 100 hits.

The first segment of THE BEE GEES: ONE NIGHT ONLY includes such hits as “You Should be Dancing/Alone,” the moving melody of “Massachusetts,” and the funky flare of “I’ve Just Got to Get a Message to You.” Also included is a heartfelt moment of sincere devotion as a young woman from the audience steps forward to the stage to deliver bouquets of flowers to each of the three Gibb brothers. The second segment features an interesting blend of slower, more intimate hits such as “Words” and “Morning of my Life,” with the popular, crowd rocking favorites “Night Fever/More than a Woman” and “Lonely Days.” This segment also includes video footage of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, effectively taking the audience back in time to the disco era. Honoring one of the brightest stars of the '70s and '80s, the Bee Gees also pay a special tribute to Olivia Newton John with the internationally beloved “Grease.” The third segment of THE BEE GEES: ONE NIGHT ONLY brings the concert to a close in style with “How Deep is Your Love,” complete with a Gibb family photograph slideshow, ending with another John Travolta Saturday Night Fever flashback, “You Should Be Dancing.”

As this program shows, the Bee Gees remain more than just a band; they are a cultural phenomenon, inspiring and entertaining generations of people around the world with unique songwriting and charismatic performances.