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Visions of Europe

With stunning visuals set to classical music from each region, viewers will be transported across iconic landscapes in a completely new way.

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Visions of Europe

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Visions of Europe

For anyone who has ever wanted to get away from it all, VISIONS OF EUROPE will sweep viewers up on a high definition aerial tour through some of the most gorgeous and iconic landscapes of Europe — without ever having to leave home. Combining stunning visuals of the wonders of Europe with classical music from each region, viewers are transported across Britain to France and Germany and then on to Greece and Italy.

With incredible aerial footage from the Visions Of... series, this new special gives viewers a chance to experience Europe in a completely new way, including visits to: 


The British Isles – Ireland and Britain

Discover the gorgeous rolling hills and historic castles and cities of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, featuring facts and insights to highlight the landscapes covered in the aerial footage.


France, Germany and Austria

Fly over the Rhine, travel through the incredible fields of Provence and soar over the French Riviera. Experience the fairy tale beauty, natural wonders and rich history of southern Germany. Then journey to Austria and see the essence of what was called Central Europe’s crown jewel.


Italy and Greece

Whether an emotional visit to a family’s homeland, a souvenir of the trip of a lifetime or the virtual realization of a fantasy vacation, this is the ultimate armchair tour of Italy. See Tuscany, Sicily, Rome and more and experience the rich cultural tradition from above. Travel to Greece where it’s easy to find this Cradle of Civilization — birthplace of democracy, classical arts and the jury system — not only inspiring but staggeringly beautiful. Take in a gull’s-eye view of the startling Temple of Poseidon, high above the Aegean Sea. Swoop over the white beaches and famous windmills on Mikonos Island, see the marble lions overlooking the site of Apollo's mythic birth on Delos and be amazed by the First Circle of the Royal Tombs.


VISIONS OF EUROPE combines amazing aerial HD photography with insightful narration and evocative music that gives viewers an expansive and gorgeous trip to some of the jewels of the world.

Visions of Italy, Southern Style

Shot in high-definition video from a helicopter-mounted camera, VISIONS OF ITALY, SOUTHERN STYLE takes viewers on a seamless sojourn starting with Rome, following along the rugged western coastline to the toe of the “boot” at Reggio Calabria, and then back inland over the countryside to Rome. With stunning aerial footage and an informative and poetic narrative celebrating southern Italy’s considerable charms, VISIONS OF ITALY features a soundtrack that underscores the emotional connections America’s Italians have for their motherland. Images of Italy that no tourist’s camera could capture are set to Neapolitan classics, choral selections, Italian folk songs, and the works of Italian composers such as Rossini, Puccini and Vivaldi, with Italian-American performers including Dean Martin and Michael Amante.

VISIONS OF ITALY, SOUTHERN STYLE also takes viewers over the charming cliff sides of Sorrento and the picturesque fishing port of Positano, San Marco, Nicotera, Diamante and other stops along the “Calabrian Riviera,” up the “Valley of the Dragon” to towering Ravello, past the pristine Greek temples at Paestum, into the heart of the action at the bustling seaport of Salerno and swordfishing crews at Bagnara Calabra, over the crossroads of Cosenza, around the palace and formal gardens of old Caserta, the abbey at Monte Cassino, the Pope’s summer residence at Lake Castel Gondolfo, the breathtaking fountains at Tivoli Gardens (Villa D’Este), and gives a bird’s eye view of the striking juxtaposition of ancient and modern Rome.