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WMHT is using the screening events around Last Days in Vietnam to begin a community conversation that we hope will result in a regional storytelling project, to be released in tandem with Ken Burns Vietnam slated to be released in 2017.

The initiative will take place both on air and online and will tell the story of how our own area residents played a part in the national history of the Vietnam War. We would like to collect the stories of as many people who were impacted by the war as possible – from service men and women, to parents and siblings, to students, protestors, conscientious objectors and refugees.

We recognize that the Vietnam War is still a complex and emotional topic and we are seeking input from as many people as possible to make this project effective. We hope that you will join WMHT by sharing your perspectives and experiences with the larger community.

You can begin by providing us with contact information and a few details about your Vietnam experience. In addition to collecting your story, your input will help inform our own decision making process as we move ahead with this important project.

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