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Each week on 'Health Link,' members of the local medical community discuss a wide variety of issues related to health and healthy living. Hosted by Benita Zahn, the program delves deeper than the usual soundbites to provide you with important health information that is useful, comprehensible and contextualized.

'Health Link' airs Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 10:30 a.m. on WMHT.

Whether you or someone you care for is struggling with a health problem, or if you are well and want to stay that way, 'Health Link' is a vital resource for our community.

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Resources and Information from Health Link

Be Your Best Health Advocate

It's estimated that nine out of ten American adults are not 'health literate.' The truth is, health care is complicated and the medical system can be confusing. That's why so many people have trouble understanding information about their health and treatment options. Benita Zahn gets advice from three experts about how to better communicate with your doctor so you can be your best health advocate.


 Constance Laymon
Founder and CEO Consumer Directed Choices, Inc.  A nonprofit organization founded and managed by people with disabilities and their families. With the expertise of the "end users" of home care, Consumer Directed Choices created the genuine Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) in the greater Capital Region. CDPAP is the program in which you, or a designated representative, are in charge of directing your own home care.

Henry Pohl, MD
Vice Dean for Academic Administration at Albany Medical College. Dr. Pohl has instructed courses and led public discussions on patient empowerment for more than 20 years. As an active member of several national clinical skills boards and committees throughout his career, Dr. Pohl has a firm understanding of the medical history-taking procedure and the significance behind many questions physicians ask patients.
Meet the Academic Leadership
Consumer Health and Patient Education Resources collected by Henry Pohl, MD
Patient Empowerment Presentation by Henry Pohl, MD

Beth van Bladel, CPA
Founder and Director of Capital Region Patient Advocacy, a grassroots endeavor dedicated to teaching healthcare advocacy and navigation skills to our community. She develops healthcare navigation tools, facilitates caregiver discussion groups and teaches workshops such as 'Preparing for the Doctor’s Visit and Communicating Your Medical Concerns,' 'The Ins and Outs of Medication Management' and 'Navigating the Hospital Discharge Process: Transitioning from Hospital to Home.' Click here for Capital Region Patient Advocacy tools and resources.

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Dr. Ingrid Allard is a board certified pediatrician in practice with Albany Medical Center’s General Pediatric Group. Dr. Allard is also the Associate Dean for Community Outreach and Medical Education at Albany Medical College. She believes physicians should have a relationship with their patients and, as in any relationship, half the responsibility is yours. View her Empowered Patient videos from AMC’s HealthyLife's seminar, Get Empowered. Get Educated. Stay Healthy:
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• Dr. Ingrid Allard's top tips for your next visit: Patient Empowerment

• How to Talk to Your Doctor from Consumer Reports.

• Information from the American Medical Association about how to talk to your doctor about all of your medicines.

• Brochures from The Joint Commission's award-winning patient safety program 'Speak Up:'
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Help Avoid Mistakes in Your Surgery

Help Prevent Errors in Your Care - Ambulatory Care

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Understanding Your Doctors and Other Caregivers

• The National Institute on Aging's tips on talking with your doctor.

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