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The Doobie Brothers 1982 Farewell Tour

Farewell Concert From Legendary Rock Band The Doobie Brothers

 Friday, July 12, 2013 at 9pm on WMHT TV

"Far from a tearful farewell – it's a joyous, full-throated celebration of the life and times of both performers and audience." – John Swenson, music writer 

In 1982, popular classic rock band The Doobie Brothers took to the stage on the final leg of their farewell tour for what was then thought to be their last performance. Though the band did in fact reunite five years later, they were never again on stage in the same configuration.  THE DOOBIE BROTHERS: LIVE AT THE GREEK THEATRE 1982 FAREWELL TOUR, the definitive edition of this famous performance, captures the Doobies at the height of their career and showcases the charisma, musical prowess and showmanship of a seasoned rock band that shines before a live audience.  Airing Friday, July 12, 2013 at 9pm on WMHT TV, the program offers a non-stop arsenal of the band's greatest hits. 

In a packed arena, the band, including Pat Simmons (vocals/guitar), John McFee (multi-instrumentalist), Keith Knudsen (drummer), Cornelius Bumpus (keyboard/vocals/sax), and Michael McDonald (vocals/keyboard), put on the show of a lifetime. “We want to party with you one last time,” says Simmons to the crowd. With their trademark harmonies and infectious bluesy rock, the Doobie Brothers captivate the thousands of fans in the audience. Simmons, in particular, pulls out all the stops – jumping into the crowd on numerous occasions, and playing with ecstatic abandon.

The performance opens with a soulful "Listen to the Music,” the Doobie Brothers’ first Top 40 hit.  Following is a stellar line up of some of their most popular songs, including “You Belong to Me,” “What a Fool Believes,” and “Rockin' Down the Highway."  Though

the program is largely filled with thundering rock tunes and R&B hits, the band also showcases their versatility with the bluegrass favorite "Black Water" – featuring a melodious a cappella section and an instrumental fiddle section.

The group finishes off the show with hit song "China Grove" and an encore performance of “Listen to the Music," featuring none other than founding member Tom Johnston (vocals/guitar).  During “Listen to the Music," Johnston, Simmons and John McFee put on a show-stealing, three-part guitar solo to end the night.

Throughout the concert, it is clear why the Doobie Brothers have sold more than 40 million albums worldwide. Their music helped define classic rock in the 1970s and '80s.

“The Doobies have always been about playing live,” Johnston says. “We’re not a studio hot house group, and we’re not a concept album band. We’ve always just brought in the tunes we had, put them together and made an album. That’s the way it’s been from the very first album, and that’s still the way it is being done.”

THE DOOBIE BROTHERS: LIVE AT THE GREEK THEATRE 1982 FAREWELL TOUR is supplied by Eagle Rock Entertainment, Ltd. in association with American Public Television’s Premium Service. With the financial backing of their public television client stations, APT Premium Service has secured many of public television’s most prestigious and highest-rated programs. 



"Listen to the Music"

"Sweet Maxine"

"Rockin' Down the Highway"

"You Belong to Me"

"Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me)"


"Long Train Runnin'"

"Black Water "

"Minute By Minute"

"What a Fool Believes"


"Jesus Is Just Alright"

"Takin' It to the Streets"

"China Grove"


"Listen to the Music"

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