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WMHT Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  Who should I call if I have more questions about volunteering for television or radio membership campaigns?

Contact our volunteer coordinator at 518-880-3531 or send e-mail to volunteer@wmht.org.

2)  What will I be asked to do?

You will be asked to answer incoming telephone calls from viewers and listeners who want to make a contribution to WMHT via credit card or check. Each call takes about two minutes. You fill out a scripted form for every call you take. Training is provided before you begin and WMHT staff members are nearby throughout your shift to answer any questions.

3)  How long is a typical membership campaign volunteer shift? What time should I arrive?

Each shift is approximately four hours long. Arrival times vary from early morning shifts, to evening and afternoon shifts, depending on the day of the week.

4)  Where are the television and radio pledge drives held? Is there parking?

Visit our online directions (link to directions page under ABOUT) to the WMHT Studios. There is ample, well-lit parking, immediately adjacent to our main entrance.

5)  Is there a minimum age?

Yes, we request that volunteers be at least 16 years-old.

6)  Will refreshments be provided?

Refreshments are served during each shift, typically bagels and juice for morning shifts and pizza, soda, and snacks during afternoon and evening shifts.

7)  How many volunteers are needed for each shift?

It is desirable to schedule a minimum of eight volunteers per shift. Some shifts require more participation, while daytime shifts typically require less.

8)  Will I be on television?

It depends on the shift. Some volunteers will participate when we have live cameras in our television studio and others will participate when we have pre-taped intermissions. The volunteer coordinator can let you know in advance of your scheduled shift.

9)  Will my group receive on-air recognition if we participate together?

Yes, groups of 6 or more individuals receive on-air recognition. The recognition will vary depending on whether we are presenting live or taped intermissions.