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WMHT Corporate Support FAQs

If you are interested in becoming a WMHT corporate supporter, or if you have questions beyond those addressed here, please call Kathy Beam, Director of Corporate Support, at (518) 880-3464 or e-mail us for more information.

Q: Who tunes in to WMHT?

WMHT viewers and listeners are affluent, influential, educated, discerning, and diverse. Kids. Families. Multicultural communities. Teachers. Active, involved people. All are part of WMHT’s large and loyal audience. WMHT's powerful TV and radio signals reach households within a 55 mile radius of Albany, N.Y., including parts of Vermont, Massachusets and Connecticut. Whether viewers use cable, satellite, or over-the-air TV, they are able to access WMHT-TV.

Q: What are the benefits of WMHT sponsorship?

WMHT sponsorship offers unbeatable visibility and exposure across a number of media platforms: TV, radio, Web, print and through special events and on-air pledge drives. Consider the benefits you’ll receive as a WMHT sponsor of just one--or all--of these media platforms:

Television: Channels 17.1, 17.2 and 17.3

  • Exposure in public television’s uncluttered media environment.
  • Two 15-second on-air spots.
  • Category exclusivity.

Radio: WMHT Classical 89.1 FM

  • Widespread exposure to a loyal audience.
  • 15-second on-air messages scheduled in a flight of your choice.
  • Category exclusivity.

Radio: WEXT 97.7 FM, "The Exit"

  • Exposure to exclusive, discerning audience in our region.
  • 15-second on-air messages scheduled in a flight of your choice.
  • Category exclusivity.

Web: WMHT.org, video.wmht.org and the WMHT E-newsletter

  • Priceless visibility on a Web site ranked among the top 20 local sites.
  • Send influential, educated and affluent users to your corporate Web site.
  • Sponsors stand out without the clutter of many commercial Web sites.

Special Events

  • Opportunity to connect with thousands of public broadcasting fans at popular annual events such as the beloved Music for the Holidays program, featuring area school choirs.
  • Maximize your investment with additional tune-in ads, contests and more.

Pledge Drives

  • Valuable on-air exposure to demonstrate your corporate philanthropy.
  • Enhance corporate prestige while fostering improved employee relations.

What kind of on-air recognition do sponsors receive?

  • Local corporate television sponsors receive two 15-second on-air spots: one before the program, one after. Or, sponsors can choose a run-schedule sponsorship on prime time or children’s programming.
  • Radio sponsors receive 15-second on-air spots scheduled in a flight of their choice. Sponsor messages can include your corporate slogan, business location, Web site address.

Q: Why is this different than other media buys?

  • Connect your corporate image with the commitment to public service for which WMHT, PBS and NPR are renowned.
  • High visibility: Two 15-second announcements per broadcast.
  • Halo effect: When it comes to trust and respect among audiences, public broadcasting stands alone. As a sponsor, the positive impression viewers have of WMHT, PBS and NPR will be associated with you.
  • Uncluttered environment: In commercial break-free broadcasts, your on-air messages will make a lasting impression.
  • Audience appreciation: PBS viewers believe that companies that sponsor PBS programs are committed to quality and excellence, and they value your support for their favorite programs.

Q: How do we know these facts?

WMHT subscribes to The Media Audit, a syndicated, local market qualitative audience survey tool from International Demographics, Inc. The Media Audit conducts annual research in Albany, New York's DMA on viewing, listening and reading preferences which can be cross-referenced with lifestyle patterns.

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