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To Request a Free RISE Receiver:

RISE Volunteer Dave Mesh

• Applicants must be registered with the New York State Commission for the Visually Handicapped or the Library of Congress Talking Books Program OR have a visual or physical condition which impedes access to printed material, as certified by a medical professional, social worker, librarian or rehabilitation counselor.

• Applicants must complete and submit this application form. (Note: You will need Adobe Reader to open this document.)



To Return a Receiver:

RISE Volunteer Ron Messersmith

• Put the receiver back in the box it was mailed in. This box contains a "Free Matter for the Blind and Handicapped" sticker on the upper right hand corner. If you do not have the original box, use another box with ample padding. If you would like, you can request a "Free Matter for the Blind and Handicapped" sticker by calling RISE at (518) 880-3436. With this sticker, there is no shipping charge.

• Mail the old receiver to: WMHT-RISE, 4 Global View, Troy, NY 12180.

Support for RISE’s 40th Anniversary Provided by

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