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Host Bob Cudmore

Tune in to RISE each Monday at 11:30am as your host Bob Cudmore brings you The Historians.  You will hear interviews with authors and experts discussing national and regional history. 

Listen to recent 'The Historians' podcasts below. Click here for past installments

Recent 'The Historians' Podcasts

Green's Corners School

Today on The Historians, Episode 173-Bob Cudmore covers the restoration project at the Greens Corners one-room school, built in the 1800s in West Glenville, N.Y...

Minutiae/Episode 6/Jay Towne Production

Minutiae-Episode 6 Jay Towne Production Minutiae is a serial radio drama, set and produced in Amsterdam, NY, in a time of great change for the McDonald family, who...

Master of Alaska/Roger Seiler

Episode 172-Roger Seiler has written an historical novel Master of Alaska, based on the story of Aleksandr Baranov, a merchant who served as governor of Russian...

Bob Cudmore/Daily Gazette Stories

Episode 171-Bob Cudmore discuss two of Bobs Daily Gazette columnsthe story of Amsterdam, N.Y., opera singer Albert Sochin DaCosta and late 19th century folk artist...

Mohawk Valley Conference 2017

Episode 168-Part One. American Revolution in The Mohawk Valley Conference was held Thursday, June 8-Sunday, June, 11, 2017. There was a tour of Mohawk Country...

Mohawk Valley Conference/Part Two

Episode 169-Part Two- Coverage of the 2017 American Revolution in the Mohawk Valley Conference. Loyalist historian Gavin Watt, professor William Fowler on George...

Ron Fierstein/The Kodak Patent War

Episode 170- Ron Fierstein is author of A Triumph of Genius: Edwin Land, Polaroid, and the Kodak Patent War.

Top Ten Amsterdam N.Y. Broadcasters

Episode 162-Bob Cudmore provides his Top Ten List of Amsterdam, N.Y., broadcasters. Who shares The Historians with You. Here are the numbers. This year 45,000 visits...

Wayne Lenig/Fort Plain Museum

Episode 161-Archaeologist and historian Wayne Lenig discusses Mohawk chief Joseph Brants 1780 raids in the Mohawk Valley. http://www.fortplainmuseum.com/index.aspx

David Garrow/Rising Star

Episode 167-Pulitzer prize winning author David Garrow discusses his critical and massive book on the formative years of the 44th President of the United States...

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