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Out in Albany

Discover the rich history of the gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, and bisexual movement in the Capital Region and explore its contemporary challenges.

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Out in Albany

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From the Filmmaker, Julie Casper Roth
When I moved to the Capital Region roughly eight years ago, I immediately sought out resources in the LGBTQ community. What I found was a thriving and diverse community with an impressive history. At the time, I was working on a documentary about the LGBTQ community in my Wisconsin hometown. The project allowed me to see my hometown and its people in a different light. It introduced me to a community that was beyond my visibility as a youth. Since that time, I’ve been invested in exploring the history of local LGBTQ movements, the nuances associated with place, and the struggles that unique environments harbor. As an out member of the Capital Region’s LGBTQ community, I’m excited to share the story of my adopted hometown and the courageous, active members of this community who leave me awed and grateful.

About the Documentary
A state worker transitioning from male to female. A teenager navigating high school as an out lesbian. A queer community member of color balancing identities. These are just a few of the stories being lived in the Capital Region today. ‘Out in Albany is a documentary project that highlights issues at the forefront of the LGBTQ community today while mining the rich history of LGBTQ lives in the Capital Region.

This documentary will be the first documentary to air on WMHT about the LGBTQ community in the greater Capital Region of Upstate New York. It will cover the history and trajectory of the many movements within the LGBTQ community while highlighting the issues at the forefront of the community today. Specifically, this documentary will look at historic points of setback and growth related to the LGBTQ movement. From the founding of the Pride Center in Albany to police raids to medical support for AIDS patients to the marriage equality movement, the documentary will look at the historic highs and lows of the equality movement.

Woven into the history of the region are the stories of individuals that illustrate the issues at the forefront of the current LGBTQ movement. These issues include transgender rights, youth support, LGBTQ people of color, and aging populations in the community.

Out in Albany | Behind the Scenes

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