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Murder in Suburbia

Although they couldn't be more different, Ash and Scribbs are unstoppable as they tackle cases with a blend of ironic humor and chutzpah.

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Murder in Suburbia

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Meet Kate Ashurst (Caroline Catz, Doc Martin, The Vice) and Emma Scribbins (Lisa Faulkner, MI-5, Burn It), the sassiest, sexiest investigative team in the Middleford Criminal Investigative Department. Better known as Ash and Scribbs, the two are an unlikely pair: Ash, a graduate of a posh girls’ academy, has an analytical mind that serves her well when solving murders. Scribbs, who grew up in the working class, relies more on her instincts than what the facts seem to tell her. When these two come together, along with their handsome, bemused boss (Jeremy Sheffield, The Wedding Date), they are an unstoppable duo in the seemingly perfect suburbs of Middleford.

Episode Descriptions

Season 1

“Applejacks” – DI Kate Ashurst and DS Emma Scribbins investigate the mysterious death of affluent party girl Nikki Pengelly.  When it is discovered that she was regular entertainment at a private gentleman’s club, motives begin to come to light.

“Stag Night” – DI Kate Ashurst and DS Emma Scribbins investigate the murder of Charlie Egan, who was found dead in a swimming pool on his stag night.  Having been found handcuffed with his hands behind his back, his fiancé’s father, the local mayor soon becomes the prime suspect.

“Millionaire’s Row” – DI Kate Ashurst and DS Emma Scribbins investigate the murder of Gideon Finch, who was found burnt to death in his car.  Having reportedly been having an affair with his neighbor, it soon transpires that his wife was having an affair with his brother, who has no alibi.

“Sanctuary” – DI Kate Ashurst and DS Emma Scribbins investigate the stabbing of respectable charity shop worker Lyn Chichester, who was working for a charity that raised money for animal sanctuaries in Africa.  But tracing the money to its rightful owners proves slightly tricky.

“A Good Deal of Attention” – Dowdy Helen McKee the secretary at Middleford Comprehensive, is the victim of a hit and run. DI Kate Ashurst and DS Emma Scribbins discover she had a big say in admissions to the popular school, so desperate parents could be responsible, or maybe it’s headmaster John Stanton whose car is damaged

“Noisy Neighbors” – Neighbor from hell Bernard Lloyd is bludgeoned to death with a hammer so DI Kate Ashurst and DS Emma Scribbins pay a visit to Cherry Meadows, the cul-de-sac which was disturbed by his non-stop DIY. Suspects include Bernard’s pill-popping wife Wendy bitter pensioner Reg Thornton and Chloe and Patrick Walters who felt the victim was ruining their chances of selling their home.


Season 2

"Witches" – After teenager Holly Andrews dies of a single stab wound in a church graveyard one night, Ash and Scribbs delve into schoolgirl witchcraft at exclusive St John's Academy.

"Estate Agents" – Estate agent Phil Jakes doesn't seem to care that most of his clients and even his colleagues hate him. But then someone closes Phil's sale for good by applying a paperweight to the back of his head.

"The Wedding" – Marriage is where we admit that our parents were right, Ash advises Scribbs. Don't ever forget that. At this wedding, though, the father of the bride winds up dead wrong.

"Salsa" – Who saved the last dance for Sandra? The lovely young salsa enthusiast took a tumble off a high balcony, and her death definitely looks like murder. The investigation leads the detective duo to Middleford's steamiest salsa club.

"Dogs" – The brutal murder of Christine Archer, proprietress of a local dog day care center, introduces Ash and Scribbs to some temperamental canines and their eccentric, equally temperamental owners.

"Golden Oldies" – The Birch Grove elder home's motto is Life begins at 70. Unfortunately, life also ends there for Johnny Jones, a 50s crooner drugged and drowned in his bathtub. It seems that the former heartthrob never lost his sex appeal.