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Meditation for All of Us

Demystify meditation and discover how the practice is the gateway to greater calmness, relaxation and psychological balance.

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Meditation for All of Us

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Many of us have heard that meditation helps manage the myriad problems that crop up in life: stress, weight gain, failing health, aches and pains, forgetfulness. Although research has shed light on the effectiveness of meditation, for many it’s still a bit of a mystery — too esoteric and difficult to understand. MEDITATION FOR ALL OF US, with expert and author Stephen Bodian, sets out to change those perceptions, providing practical, easy-to-follow direct instruction and friendly personal anecdotes from his years of teaching. Bodian reveals the latest research on the health benefits of the practice and explores how it can be the gateway to improving anyone’s life, helping them to achieve greater calmness, physical relaxation and psychological balance.

Bodian shows what is truly important for meditation, how to meditate even with a hectic schedule and how to overcome common obstacles to incorporating meditation into our lives. Meditation is the ideal way to relax the body, calm the mind, reduce stress and enhance overall health and well-being.

Stephan Bodian sheds light on:

• Simple and effective meditation techniques
• Advice on when and where to meditate
• Different ways of sitting for meditation
• Health benefits of meditation
• What we can expect when we meditate
• The importance of breath and ways to focus on breathing
• How to make meditation an easy part of life


With MEDITATION FOR ALL OF US, Bodian demystifies one of the most powerful ways for taking care of our health, and shows how anyone can add this incredibly useful skill to their life and reap the benefits of greater happiness, mental clarity and vitality. 

Expert Stephan Bodian shows how to use meditation to reap the benefits of happiness.