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Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia

Explore Australia's 8,000 islands with Doc Martin's Martin Clunes.

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Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia

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MARTIN CLUNES: ISLANDS OF AUSTRALIA begins in the eastern part of the country, with Clunes discovering Sydney’s colonial past on Fort Denison and meeting a modern-day Robinson Crusoe on Restoration Island. In the north and west, Clunes swims with the whale shark in the Murions and faces venomous snakes on Carnac. Finally, Clunes concludes his journey in the south, handling a fairy penguin on Philip Island and learning about nearly-extinct Tasmanian Devils on Maria Island.  


Episode 1 - "East"
Martin's journey begins in Australia's most iconic city — Sydney. In the middle of Sydney Harbor lies Fort Denison, an island that symbolizes the city's colonial past. This is Martin's jumping off point as he heads for the subtropical paradise of Lord Howe Island. Approximately 600 kilometers from the mainland, Lord Howe Island has been settled by humans for fewer than 200 years. As a result, it's astonishingly pristine. Next up is Norfolk Island where Martin learns about its brutal, convict past and its proud present, meeting descendants of the Bounty mutineers. From Norfolk, Martin travels to Restoration Island to meet a modern day Robinson Crusoe and his dingo. Then on to Thursday and Friday Islands, the tropical homes of music and pearls.

Episode 2 - "North and West"
Martin travels to the Tiwi Islands for some "bush tucker" and "Aussie footie." From there, it's on to the magical Murions where Martin discovers the Ningaloo Reef and swims with the biggest fish in the ocean: the whale shark. On his next stop on the Abrolhos Islands, Martin hears a tale of bloody mutiny and learns to catch a lobster. Then, to Rottnest, where, amongst the tourists, Martin discovers a dark past and some friendly marsupials. Martin next travels by boat to the mysterious Island of Carnac, home to one of the world's most venomous snake species.

Episode 3 - "South"
Martin travels to Mundoo Island in South Australia, arriving just in time for some high energy cattle mustering. Then, on Phillip Island Martin handles a fairy penguin and races at top speed in a Mini Cooper. On King Island he helps to gather storm-driven bull kelp on the beach. And, finally, Martin heads to Maria Island, ending his trip on Tasmania where he learns about the race to save Tasmanian Devils from extinction.

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