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Homework Hotline

Homework Hotline provides the tools students need to succeed in school, and supports academic achievement across a variety of NYS Learning Standards.

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Homework Hotline, the live, statewide educational television program that provides students in grades four through 12 the tools needed to succeed with their homework, and supports academic achievement across a variety of New York State Learning Standards. Teachers from the Rochester City School District host the show – teaching mini lessons in various curriculum topics to give more depth to problem solving and complex content. 

In addition to providing homework help,  Homework Hotline presents daily thematic segments on health, animals, book reviews, history, environment issues, and people and places in New York State. Homework Hotline sends out daily updates and helpful hints for the “Teaser” question on its Facebook page.


Show Line-up


Monday 09/18/17

Hosts: Laura Drake and Donna Mineo

Tonight on Homework Hotline, we visit the Rochester Red Wings to learn about their explorer program. 


Tuesday 09/19/17

Hosts:  Craig Zaremba and Donna Mineo

The Rochester Museum & Science Center is here tonight with some scaly animals.


Wednesday 09/20/17

Hosts:  Craig Zaremba and Sam Simpson

Vietnam veteran, Dr. Daniel Tessoni will be here to tell us about his experiences while serving in the war.


Thursday 09/21/17

Hosts: Joe Zuniga and Sam Simpson

We’ll find out what Samantha, Tristan, and Ava think about their books in this week’s Hotline Book Reviews. 


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