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Hanukkah: A Festival of Delights

Explore the evolution of Hanukkah from a small holiday within Judaism to prominence in American culture.

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Hanukkah: A Festival of Delights

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HANUKKAH: FESTIVAL OF DeLIGHTS features Jewish families from a variety of backgrounds including rabbis, scholars of Jewish history, authors, artists, and actors William Shatner and Lainie Kazan, sharing their personal Hanukkah experiences, along with archival film and images. These remembrances illuminate the holiday, just as the eight candles on the traditional menorah have been lit each evening through the centuries. Throughout the program, a brother and sister, children on the cusp of their Jewish adulthood, learn on-screen how to make potato latkes (pancakes) from their bubbe (grandmother) and ask questions about the meaning of the holiday of their rabbi, reinforcing the role of Hanukkah as a powerful connection between generations past and future and exploring its complicated history.