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Finding Your Roots

The acclaimed series returns with Professor Gates exploring the mysteries, surprises and revelations hidden in the family trees of popular figures.

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WMHT | Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.
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Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.

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Share your family story!
Each week we’ll announce an episode theme and call for YOUR stories to be posted on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #FindingYourRoots.
View the episode themes below and follow along as we share our fan favorites!

Episode 1: The Stories We Tell | Premieres Tuesday, January 5 at 8pm
Ever uncovered a family mystery? Guests Donna Brazile and Kara Walker have.

Episode 2: The Irish Factor | Premieres Tuesday, January 12 at 8pm
Do you have Irish roots? Guests Soledad O’Brien and Bill O’Reilly do.

Episode 3: In Search of Freedom | Premieres Tuesday, January 19 at 8pm
In what ways are you proud of your family legacy? Guests Maya Rudolph and Keenan Ivory Wayans explore their history.

Episode 4: Tragedy+Time=Comedy | Premieres Tuesday, January 26 at 8pm
Did your ancestors ever turn to humor in the face of sorrow? Guest Bill Hader uncovers his roots.

Episode 5: Visionaries | Premieres Tuesday, February 2 at 8pm
Are you the descendant of someone whose innovation helped shape our times? Guest Richard Branson explores his ancestry.

Episode 6: War Stories | Premieres Tuesday, February 9 at 8pm
Do you have a family legacy of military history? Guests Julianne Moore and John McCain share theirs.

Episode 7: Family Reunions | Premieres Tuesday, February 16 at 8pm
How much do you know about your family history? Have you ever traced your heritage like the guests on Finding Your Roots?

Episode 8: The Pioneers | Premieres Tuesday, February 23 at 8pm
Do you have a family story about creative bravery and activism? Guest Gloria Steinem does.

Episode 9: The Long Way Home | Premieres Tuesday, March 1 at 8pm
Did your family travel from across the world to find their home? Guests Azar Nafisi and Lidia Bastianich discover their ancestors.

Episode 10: Maps of Stars | Premieres Tuesday, March 8 at 7:30pm
What obstacles did your ancestors overcome to find success? Guest Mia Farrow shares.

Share your family story and a photo on Facebook and Twitter using #FindingYourRoots.


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